This HOE tried me!!!!!

Well let me tell you. I went to a party yesterday and this girl came up to me because I was wearing my 2ne1 sweater and skirt. She had the nerve to say "2ne1 is wack."  I had to ask myself like "does she know that I slap bitches."  It wasn't the fact that she... Continue Reading →


Best BL Novels to readĀ 

Well many people ask me about this, so I'm gonna list the books that I've read or reading at the moment. Obviously this is bias, seeing that it is my opinion, but I hope you enjoy.  1. Are You Addicted. This novel has multiple volumes, But I am currently on vol. 2. This novel is... Continue Reading →

Mutiple tearsĀ 

I just got through reading the last chapter of the Chinese BL novel Til Death Do Us Part. I swear I'm in tears. The sweetest love story I have ever read. If you haven't read it please go read it. If you like BL and a good plot and cute characters that's the one for... Continue Reading →

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