This HOE tried me!!!!!

Well let me tell you. I went to a party yesterday and this girl came up to me because I was wearing my 2ne1 sweater and skirt. She had the nerve to say “2ne1 is wack.” 

I had to ask myself like “does she know that I slap bitches.” 

It wasn’t the fact that she said that, it was the fact that she poured her drink on me. Like what the hell! Did her mother not teach her manners. She must’ve thought I was one of them scary bitches. 

I snatched that bitch by all her edges. She insulted me by even commenting on my bias kpop group, and then she want to ruin the outfit I fucking pain for. She had all kinds of nerves. 

She had the odacity to day “that’s why you fat.” 

That’s how I was smiling on that hoe. She lucky that I didn’t drag her nasty ass all through that party. 

P.s. I paid $39 for that outfit. So if she don’t cope my change. I’m gone drag her again. 


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