Best BL Novels to read 

Well many people ask me about this, so I’m gonna list the books that I’ve read or reading at the moment. Obviously this is bias, seeing that it is my opinion, but I hope you enjoy. 
1. Are You Addicted. This novel has multiple volumes, But I am currently on vol. 2. This novel is kind hearted, funny, and angering all at the same time. It is 18+(but when do us teens listen to restrictions😂). Most people who read it have said that it is an emotional rollercoaster. Ps this is my favorite novel if you can’t tell. 

2. Til death do us part. I can’t really say anything about this but that is a sweet love story that will leave you with tears in your eyes. This only one novel, but it doesn’t disappoint. 

3. 2 Moons. Omg this is such a cute book, I can’t really say that it’s bad although some of he characters will anger you. Lol the usual things in BL novels. 

4. Counter Attack.   This is a hilarious romance that I can’t stress but to read and watch. 

5. Ai No Kusabi. This is a BL novel that had a interesting plot. If you don’t like BL really, I suggest this one for you. Even though it does have sex scenes the plot is very thick and very satisfying. 

Okay that is my top five. Hope you liked it. 


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