The reason why I DONT like BlackPink

Well, how can I start this off gently without getting hate because of my opinion. Oh wait, its gonna happen anyway. 

Well for starters I am and will always for ever be a 2ne1 fan (Blackjack for life), and when they debuted the first thing I said was “wow YG out of new ideas.” 

I can name everyone’s place as in 2ne1 and BP. Jisoo is obviously Dara. Come on, she barley gets any lines, her one job is to look pretty and she wears questionable outfits. Sounds fimiliar doesn’t it. Hate to compare the two but Jenny is CL. She sings more than she raps which I find odd seeing that she’s the main rapper. Am I right or an I wrong? Rose is Bom. Can’t really compare the two, I’m obviously bias but  Boms voice seems a lot stronger than hers from what I’ve heard. Now everyone knows Lisa is the Minzy of the group. When Minzy first started off in the group she rap more than she sang, and that’s what I see in Lisa. Never heard her sing even though she’s a vocalist. Lisa and Jenny should just switch titles. Agree? 

Now into why I don’t like them. They to me is a carbon copy of 2ne1. No shade, but ever song I listen to sounds like a 2ne1 song with extra beats. Boombayah reminds me of I am the best. Playing with fire reminds me of Don’t stop the music, and their new song that just dropped today(I know I’m a petty bitch 😂) reminds me of  do you love me mixed with ugly. 

I feel like since they debuted they don’t have their own sound or style. Just don’t dig them. All you blinkers do y’all tho. No shade 


2 thoughts on “The reason why I DONT like BlackPink

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    1. Yesss. At least someone gets where I’m coming from. One other thing that I find odd in BlackPink is that Jennie sings like more than Lisa. Jennie is the main rapper yet she sings…………..alot


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